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When business knowledge is aligned and available to every employee, there's a better understanding of why business decisions are made. This knowledge platform builds trust and facilitates collaboration among the work force.

Informed teams make better business decisions. Every manager wants employees who are informed on global events and understand how those events are interlinked with their divisions' goals and individual job functions.

FLEXNEWS streams the latest news in real - time via RSS into individual feed readers and corporate intranets.


By subscribing to FLEXNEWS, your organization, multinational or regional, will save significant market research time and money.

No more wasted hours searching for current and historical business news and food ingredient topics by employees who are not experts in finding information in a complex, global industry.

Market-moving news is delivered when it happens, allowing your teams to react quickly. 

We make critical industry news and analysis accessible to all employees in a very economical way.

Need to know the news that will affect the profitability of your business?


FLEXNEWS provides an indispensible service to the global food industry. In a world of information overload, we deliver time-sensitive, on-topic, business relevant information on patents, innovations and trends in food ingredients.




What is the latest private equity investment in the food sector? Who is selling their seafood division? Who is building a food additive plant in China? Why is my competitor expanding vitamin production in India? Which is the right company to buy my frozen food division? What is the newest flavor additive in the snack sector? How is the latest trade dispute going to affect sugar prices? Will port strikes halt my vitamin deliveries from China to the US? Need to be briefed on today’s Global Food Industry news? Will EU food safety regulations change? Is the restaurant market in Asia growing? Is there a new food distributor in South America? Who is partnering to develop new ingredients? Who has developed a new cocoa processing technology? Did my cellulose supplier raise prices?

Why are my competitors, suppliers and customers better informed?


if you don't know the answers to these questions


Drawing upon our industry network and our understanding complexities of the food sector, we conduct insightful exclusive interviews which clarify time sensitive news or highlight emerging trends.


Thanks to our independent and objective reporting we have become the global reference for business and food ingredient news. Executive managers at multinational food companies use our reports as an indispensable tracking tool for analysing the competitive market place. Media channels refer to us for our credibility and comprehensive coverage of the global food sector.

Since we are the gateway news service for information distribution and discovery, businesses, governments and influential organizations turn to us to communicate with the industry. Due to our years of focus on the food sector our service is significantly more valuable than a simple news search engine. Our value lies in our experienced journalists who know what is crucial to the industry’s executive decision makers.



Whether you are a multinational food processor or food flavoring producer, you need on-topic, up-to-date news on every part of the industry to make proactive business decisions.

You can look to FLEXNEWS for relevant news and analysis no matter what role you play.


US corn, global super brands, vitamins from China, French mega retailers, global beverage producers, Philippine fast food chains, and Norwegian fishing companies are all linked in a truly global business. Your production, be it citric acid or cellulose, is affected by decisions made by your upstream suppliers and the restaurant chain half way around the world.

You need to know what is happening in consumer consumption trends, mergers and acquisitions, palm oil supply, nutraceuticals, and plant expansions, not just in your region, but globally and on a real-time basis. We analyze the business news where ever food growers, processors, and retailers operate around the world.


You will be relieved by the advertisement-free presentation of our website and independence in news articles and exclusive interviews. You will be impressed by the depth and breadth of our coverage of relevant issues. It is all here in one place, delivered to you every day or accessible real-time on our clean and user-friendly platform.


Tailor your news to your individual needs. Choose to focus the topics you wish to receive by RSS or email, or be updated every day on all of the global news.


Our archives include over 30 000 news articles, market analysis and research from all over the world covering business actions, food ingredients, processing, marketing, and retailing. Searching for statistics, research, or news events is easy and effective using our topic access points or key word search.


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