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The Global Food Business begins with raw materials and ends in the consumer's shopping trolley. It  is a vast multi-billion dollar and multi-sector industry driven by powerful global companies and numerous complementary players, involving millions of jobs in every country.


It's a sector which reflects local food preferences, but more importantly is an active influencer in changing those preferences through flavor and product innovation, marketing and global sourcing.


In today's world, the global food manufacturer must be dedicated to food science and technology and also display leadership positions by providing safe, nutritious and quality food products which guarantee full traceability.




  • Food safety regulations
  • Convenience foods
  • Innovation of global brands
  • Commodity price volatility
  • Multinational retailers
  • Affluence in developing nations
  • Organic health trends 
  • Global financial turmoil
  • Contamination/recalls
  • Competitive positioning
  • Food chain environmental costs
  • Private labels
  • Consumer – changing trends
  • Carbon emission costs
  • Trade barriers
  • Zero packaging waste


The food industry has changed and is adapting to modern technology and globalisation.

Multinational food corporations must operate in a sustainable way and meet the challenges induced by financial market volatility, a growing global population, shifting consumer trends and ongoing market consolidation.

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