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UK: One in Four Vodka Drinkers Drink Alone

Source: Canadean Custom Solutions

25 July 2013 - UK adults are almost as likely to drink vodka when relaxing on their own, as they are when enjoying a big night out. In particular, older consumers are likely to drink vodka to help aid relaxation.

UK adults are almost as likely to drink vodka when relaxing alone, as they are when enjoying a heavy night out. The survey conducted by Canadean Custom Solutions found that 36% of UK adults drink vodka. 38% of these drink when “enjoying a night out in a bar or nightclub with others” and 35% drink vodka “when relaxing at home with others”. 25% of the questioned said that they also drink vodka when “relaxing on their own, such as reading a book”.
Especially those aged 55 and over are likely to drink alone, with 33% of this age group saying they do so “on their own, watching television or reading a book”.
That one in four vodka drinkers consume the drink to relax and unwind by them selves is, according to Michael Hughes, Research Manager at Canadean Custom Solutions, evidence of the extent that everyday pressures are driving the need to drink alcohol for escapism reasons.
“Vodka is traditionally associated with being a party drink – used with mixers or in cocktails for high energy nights out. These new numbers are a reflection of how a stressed out society is turning to high volume alcoholic beverages to relax”.
According to Hughes, rising living costs and job insecurity leave consumers feeling stressed and fatigued, which can turn them to strong alcoholic beverages to help them relax. However, the long-term consequences can be damaging.
“Whilst this may help people unwind in the short-term, regular consumption of vodka in the evening to aid relaxation could increase the risk of alcohol-related health problems in the long-term”.

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