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About us

about us


FLEXNEWS is used daily by multinational food companies, financial institutions, governments, food ingredient producers, media and publishing companies who rely on us to deliver a comprehensive service which is independent and global.

Our international team of journalists, researchers and information technology specialists have built a world-wide reputation for excellence. This specialized service is considered the leading reference on breaking news in the global food sector, vital to strategic business decisions.

We combine reliability, speed and objectivity with the latest technology to deliver critical business news for the international food sector.


Leveraging our industry experience and reputation, we provide unbiased news on business strategy changes, commodity analysis, consumer trends, and regulatory issues that is valuable to all members of the global food industry.

Our archives include more than 30 000 news articles and interviews. We deliver this market intelligence via a clean, advertising free news and email alert platform, tailored to your profile.

With FLEXNEWS you avoid the distraction of banners and logos which are frequently embedded into commercially driven web portals. Our content is trusted and independent from the interests of advertisers.

We concentrate on clarity and deliver a comprehensive market intelligence service to leading decision makers in our industry.

As a result of our global reach and commitment to covering the industry from food formulation to final consumer, we have carefully crafted an extensive database of industry news and food ingredient research.


FLEXNEWS is a partner of the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) network, the most comprehensive and authoritative source for the identification of serial publications worldwide. Our internationally-recognized service figures in the ISSN Register of serial titles for all users of serial literature whether in print or in non-print formats.

FLEXNEWS supports the ISSN's useful and economical method of communication between publishers and suppliers, making trade distribution systems faster and more efficient, in particular through the use of bar-coding and EDI (electronic data interchange). FLEXNEWS’s assigned International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) number is 1777-5566.


Our parent company, Global Data Sytems, has a parellel service for the animal nutrition business.

Feedinfo News Service is the leading news reference in that industry with the same dedication to carefully crafted news, research and interviews, and can be found at www.feedinfo.com

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